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Peek a Boo

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Was it you who would eat a cloned cow?

It came up the other day when someone was talking about negative rep points being given just because someone disagrees with another. I brought up that I couldn't even remember who had the audacity to think cloned cow was OK.... ;-) ....... and that we went back and forth on the issue. And of course trying to be so organic myself - I got worked up. BUT I enjoyed our discussion and learned so much in that thread. And I sooooo did NOT take it personally that I couldn't even remember WHO it was that I had disagreed with. Needleroozer or Battlemaiden came to mind. But then I just saw your name in a thread and now I kind of think it was you.


I really don't like the whole tattle tale (I mean rep point) system.

When a kid comes to me to tattle on my own dd - the first thing I say is, "What did you do first?" Because my dd NEVER starts with anyone and will only say or do something if the first person will NOT leave her alone. Sooo many boys have come to me, "K pushed me." And when I find "the rest of the story" it comes out that the boy was hitting her and wouldn't stop and then she FINALLY pushed him away in self defense.


Anyway - I think it's great we can disagree and still get along on these boards. And if you want to eat the cloned cow - I support your choice!

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yup :-)


It was an interesting discussion indeed.


I hafta admit the whole rep thing doesn't really bother me, but neither does tattling. The rep thing is simply similar to Real life --we don't always know when something we do/say messes up our reputation w/ a specific person, and sometimes we do. That's the way it goes.


Every time the kids come to me w/ a tattling problem it only serves as a great opportunity to point out that they're BOTH in trouble now and why, lol.

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See, I loved that cloned cow discussion and found out that Peek a Boo and I disagreed on parts of it--which was funny since we often seem to agree. Although I don't see nearly as many of her posts with this new system. And I still like to read her posts, although I'm not sure if it goes both ways. One of the things about the boards is that you can "like" people who may or may not "like" you back and you don't always know they don't. I don't even look for rep points. Last time I had none. I haven't given any. I don't know if I like them or not, but I did see a lot of trouble when I used to go on ebay, so I am a bit suspicious.

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karin, you make an interesting point, lol. There are certainly times where I am vigorously in agreement w/ someone on one issue, yet fighting them tooth and nail in other threads. I love that the internet is especially conducive to stuff like that. I think in Real Life, people hold grudges a lot easier and find it harder to reconcile.


and yeah, with the old system I found I was mostly getting into conversations based on a reply or series of replies. I know I'm missing out on a lot of great conversation [and new knowledge!!] cuz i don't have time to open every single thread :-)


Regena --rep me off the board!! go ahead! i dare ya to try it! :D

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