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Help! History book: Europe following the Reformation until the Age of Revolution???

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I am looking for a book to cover European history. I really want something for middle school that covers Absolutism and the Enlightenment. I am aware of The Awakening of Europe by M.B. Synge, but I am concerned about its accuracy. Any other options?




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Hmmm, I don't have any great suggestions right now, but if I think of something I can come back to this.


George Washington's World does cover this time period but it would not be overly detailed.  I have the Portable Enlightenment Reader which would be a great resource for primary resources for this time period.


ETA: I think there are some Great Courses on this too...not sure what the titles are.

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I put together a mini-study of this period for ds last year because I think the Enlightenment thinkers are so important to later history and current events. We used selections from The Portable Renaissance Reader, Renaissance and Reformation Times, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Philosophy (sections in humanism and the scientific revolution), and selections of Spielvogel's Western Civilization (primary sources printed in it, basically). People I made sure to read about and discuss were Petrarch, Boccacio, Machiavelli, Renaissance artists, Borgia, Luther, Calvin, Erasmus, Montesquieu, Francis Bacon, Descartes, Hume, and Newton.

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