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One Note questions

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Just started playing with One Note after reading the planning thread and so far, so good. A couple questions though. I really like that I can import excel and word files. Where is the best place to edit them from? If I go to the original, will it automatically update in ON? I noticed when I updated from the "edit" tab on the file in ON, it gave me a new file to work from. I'm not sure if it was a computer issue or not, but the files didn't seem to be connected. I'm really hoping if I can edit one, the other will update.


I remember using it before, it was very easy to clip from websites. That doesn't seem to be the case now that Windows 8 has web access on another page. Is there a way to get around this?


Any other cool OneNote tricks and tips to know?

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Hi Jamee,


Sorry, I have not been on the forum very much lately.  The end of year AP exams, musical theater productions, etc. are crazy.


I am still on Windows 7 and I have 2013 Office (but it does show that I have OneNote updates available that I need to download.)


I rarely use Excel for my planning, but I do attach Word documents all the time.  I choose "Insert" then "File Attachment".  It then allows me to choose the Word document I want to insert.  After choosing the document, a box will pop up that allows me to either "Attach file" or "Insert Printout".  


If I "insert printout", it will literally input a copy of the Word document directly on the - BUT it acts as if it is a .pdf file and I cannot alter it.  If I choose "Attach File", it is more like a hyperlink. I click on the link and it immediately opens the file in Word which I can then edit all I want.  I am assuming this is works the same way with Excel.


If I have a document that I know I am going to be editing a lot, I will put the hyperlink in OneNote.  If I have a document that I want to see on the OneNote page, I just insert the printout.  If for some reason down the road, I have to go somewhere else and edit it, I will just delete the printout on the OneNote page and re-enter it once I have done my editing.


I hope I am not telling you something that is completely different with Windows 8.  As far as the website clipping, that is one of the main reasons I use OneNote for all of my research - it is so easy!! I do hope Windows 8 has not altered that capability.


I really do love OneNote.  I wish they would allow the same cool features for the tables in OneNote that they do in Word, but I guess they want to keep people buying all the different Office products.  Other than that, I like it because it really is pretty easy.


Good luck with Windows 8 and OneNote. I would like to hear how you manage the website clipping. I think my dh may have Windows 8 now and he is a crazy OneNote user for his work as a manager with a major tech company.  I will ask him how he handles clipping from websites.

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