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Raleigh, NC Moms: Need Advice!


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Hi Everyone,


Dh is looking at a job at the Wakemed hospital facility. He's an IT guy. I'm not sure where the IT building is -- whether it's w/ the medical or elsewhere.


Can you give me suggestions for where I'd look for a home:


-- dh would like no more than a 20 min. commute

-- we're safety nuts

-- we're huge library lovers

-- and huge pool/lake/water lovers

-- we'd love to be where the homeschool activities are happening.

-- we'd like to rent and can pay up to $2,000 a month.

-- we'd like a 4 bed/2.5 bath.

-- we don't love cookie-cutter houses, but we're in one now and we love it a lot. It was built in the '80's so doesn't look as cookie as it once did.

-- would rather not be in the snootiest part of town. We're not into "who has the fanciest car/lawn/house/trip" kind of people.


Given that dh would work for Wakemed, can you suggest an area I should be looking in?


Also how homeschool friendly is Raleigh?





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