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Need some motivation


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HI Everyone,


I posted a couple months back about using the Barton reading system and how it can work with public school.  At the time we started Barton my daughter was in the tier 3 reading program.  We are now complete with level 2 except for a few small things to work on and getting ready to start level 3.  Took about 2 1/2 months to go thru those levels.  She has now tested out of the tier 3 reading group and is now in the tier 2 reading group.  I can see her reading has improved and I'm confident I have her going down the right path but she is still really struggling with spelling.


For words that she can sound out she is doing okay and when we review in spelling in level 2 she does very well because she can her all the sounds in the words.  However, when it comes to words that you can't sound out she struggles very much to remember how to spell words and often forgets within 30 minutes of correctly spelling a word.  I know that level 3 starts to teach the "rules" of spelling but worried that she won't be able to master the rules when it is very hard for her to remember how to spell simple sight words.


Also, any suggesstions for what seem like careless mistakes even on words she can sound out she often makes what seems like careless mistakes.  We stress for her to slow down and take her time but still seems like she rushes.


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I'm sorry, I have no advice... My DD is starting Barton June 1st, so I'm all ears as to what others might say...    :bigear:

There is a second thread of this from the same poster that has more responses.  It might help if you read that one.  Also, you might want to read old posts on this board.  There are many.  Best wishes....

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