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Active outdoor ideas for Math!!

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Ideas for active, outdoor math for sensory seeking kiddos? We're working on higher addition/subtraction and beginning multiplication/division. So far I have:


Bouncing from me w/flashcard to the other side of the yard for manipulatives and to solve it, then bounce back to me with the answer. After a few times then I'll add in timing her :)


Another idea is color-coded bean bag toss for place values, for high addition/subtraction.


Last idea is role playing word problems (a huuuuge struggle for her) by gathering outdoor "manipulatives": acorns, dandelions, rocks, etc.


Any other ideas??

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These sound great.


Oh, for place value and number line stuff we took a really long rope, marked and anchored the middle and end parts, then would assign numbers to either end and the middle.  We would then move up and down the "number line" doing estimated addition, subtration and relational number problems.


With word problems specifically, since DD has trouble with these, DD sometimes swings (do you have access to a swing?)  while she tries to construct basic word problems for me to solve.  I scribe them on a portable dry erase board as she talks her way through, then I try to solve them. If they don't make sense, she studies the board and tries to figure out if she left something important out (while she swings).  Then once I solve it she has to figure out if I got it right and explain why or why not.  She thnks better if she is moving and she learns better if she periodically does top down thinking where she takes basics and reconstructs them to create her own questions for someone else to solve.  It has helped her to be more aware of terminology, structure, etc.


Also, although this isn't specific to math, I once took tiny post it notes in three different colors and gave one set to each of us.  Then we all had 5 minutes to run around the house sticking post it notes on everything that used electricity.  You couldn't put more than one post it note on an item.  Once we were done we went back through and wrote on the post it note what the object was and what, if any, equivalent item could be used if you didn't have access to electricity.  We then stuck the post its in a notebook.


Gotta run right now but I will try to think of other things we have done and post later.  This is a great thread.  I hope others chime in.  :)

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Have you seen the blog mathinyourfeet?  Also try the book on the Moebiusnoodles website (it has a variety of activities, including large motor ones, for learning deep math).  Another idea is just to get out and use the old sidewalk chalk for doing things.  You could make a number line, and have to hop to the answer, or you could make a giant playing board (your child is the playing piece) where correct answers move you closer to the end, or you could use bar models drawn in chalk for those word problems (the large motor motion and the rough resistance of the chalk provide more sensory feedback).  

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