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My dog has roundworm


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I feel awful and so incredibly stupid. I'm a first time dog owner and I just didn't get it. Lapsed on medicine over winter and at his annual check up they found roundworm. He has no symptoms - would have never guessed it - but I am freaking out.

Obviously we will treat him, but how long will it take to rid him of these?

My house feels filthy :confused1: but I'm not sure how to clean it that would help?

Also - I want to take him for a walk, and obviously I clean up his poop, but what if I don't get it all and it infects some other dog, or worse a child?

I don't know how I didn't know this was such a big deal.

Any advice from BTDT that I can use. I know I won't miss another dose in the future!

All this research about it makes me want to put a sign to leave your shoes at the door! HA!  My floors are grossing me out. :lol:

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First of all, you are not stupid.  You are a novice dog owner and you cannot expect yourself to know everything about dogs.


You can train your dog to go in a certain area of the yard only.  You can google that -- "dog train to go in one spot". Personally, I would not let children go barefoot in an area where dog(s) eliminate.


FWIW, my dog took Heartgard year around, and got both roundworms and hookworms while on it, at two different times.  He was attending dog daycare at the time ... and it hasn't happened since then.  So even if you were giving your dog a medication that theoretically takes care of that, it doesn't always work.


That is why I get my dog tested a couple of times a year for worms, regardless of whether I actually see any when I clean up the yard every day.  I bring in a fresh stool sample to the vet, not the entire dog, except when he has his yearly checkup or is ill.


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You might want to research diatomaceous earth and its use for worms. Here is a link to get you started. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/benefits-diatomaceous-earth/  It is a powder and is available in human grade.  We put this on our cat's food everyday, because he is prone to mange which is a skin condition caused by mites which leads to itching, hair loss, and a very grumpy cat.  He has been mange-free since within days of beginning the diatomaceous earth.  He wished we didn't put it on his food, but he has to eat, so he eats it. Anti-parasitics are toxic, and animals will live longer, healthier lives if they aren't given poison.  DE will also kill candida in humans, among other bugs.  Just be sure to use human grade.

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Thanks for making me feel better.

Thank you Rough Collie for the links. Those were helpful.

I will look into the DE. I hate giving Lewis all these meds - I am firmly in the no meds unless necessary camp with humans, so I am still trying to learn what has to be done with dogs. We gave him the Dontral today.

I have a lot to learn and for some reason I am having a hard time finding the right kind of information to guide me!

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