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I asked about horse help last fall,

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when my daughter's instructor had found and older horse she thought was perfect for her and would have been "free." Well, just before Christmas, we decided not to take Angel, as my husband has been out of work since October. Today the instructor called to tell me Angel died last week of an aneurysm. She was so glad we had not taken him and put dd through the I-love-my-horse--oh,no-my-horse-is-dead. Good thing, too, we never mentioned it to her.

Just updating!

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Well - I guess I am odd. Because I was immediately sad for the horse. I thought "poor horse who didn't get to be loved in the end by a little girl."


When we bought my horse (19yo) our landlord (who sold the horse to my boyfriend) said, "Do you know how big of a hole you have to dig?"


But I look at it as no matter what - Missy spent the last of her life with us, well loved, and we KNOW it. (But this is a horse I loved almost a year prior to owning - when she got sold, I was heartbroken because I needed to KNOW that she was loved and not forsaken). She made me a cowgirl and you only ever get one of those horses.


Very sad about the horse. How old was she? (He? I think I read "she" - I hate this new format because you can't scroll up and reread the post).


I would tell your dd about it for the simple fact that it's a good life lesson to be equiped for dealing with. Experience is good when it comes in small doses to be used later for the big deaths we all encounter.

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You did exactly the right thing... don't commit to a large, expensive animal if you are not sure about the finances. As you know, even "free" horses cost a lot... oh boy, do they! It's smart to wait until things are more settled with the job situation.


It would have been hard to have him for such a short time and then lose him so quickly. :( Hope things work out with the job situation soon!

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