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Rosetta Stone for help with pronunciation?

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DD9 and I have been taking French immersion classes once a week for a few months, and we're loving it and learning a ton! I'm finding, though, that DD is having a hard time with pronunciation. She's a complete visual learner, so it's helped for her to pick up L'art de Lire again to see the words on paper more. But I'm wondering if maybe she needs to hear the same words over and over again. Would Rosetta Stone maybe be a good option for this? What I'm hoping for is essentially a visual flashcard (with just the picture or picture and word in French) that also says the article and word. She could go over these again and again and hopefully get the sound of the words ingrained a little better. Any thoughts? We've never used RS and I know people feel differently about it, but keep in mind that it will be a supplement and not our main program. 

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I would try Busuu and/or LiveMocha before I shelled out the $$$ for Rosetta stone.

Have you searched online for other options?


I would go to the library and get some French Audio programs to play in the car and around the house. (Pimsluer, Living Language, Teach Yourself, WhistleFritz, Little Pim, Babys First French, etc..I would go to the library and see what they have and systematically check them all out and even if you only listened to the CD's and ignored the lesson books, Learnables, Berlitz Kids: Adventures w Nicholas, Play and Learn French...I would check into a variety of things to see what clicked best with us and what we could work into our day without it being too obtrusive.


I would like to say that FSI has a French Phonology course available for free. I don't know how exciting the program is but it focuses on getting the pronunciation and such correct and is designed to mesh with a learner at any stage but I believe that it is recommended for use before you start formal the FSI's formal French Programs. Plus it is free, thats a good price.

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