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R&S Question - Where to Pick Back Up (Or Not)


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I have an almost 12yo DD who finished R&S books 2 & 3 in grade 2.  When we moved from the US to Germany in '09, a lot of stuff just fell by the wayside.  She never finished the 4th book, but we did go through all of the Bk 4 writing exercises in 5th grade.  Last year (6th grade), I was so overwhelmed with family issues that I let grammar slip almost entirely.


She is now entering 7th grade, and I want to pick back up with R&S.  I am the type who wants to go through book 5, then 6, and so on...but she is balking at working through the 5th book b/c she knows it's 5th grade.  WWYD?  I know that each year builds on the year before...  I should also mention that DD hates R&S (although I suspect she hates most everything right now, LOL).  She did very well with it when we used it, however, and I believe it to be a good program.


So, WWYD?  Would it be a better move to pick up with another program entirely - and is there one that would cover all that she has "missed" in a middle-school text?  She might feel better about things if she was doing 7th grade work.


TY for any input!

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