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Coobie bra care ???


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After following the thread about bras, I ordered a few coobie bras to replace some of  and dds and my bras that had seen better days.  Coobies are truly wonderful bras!!!


I read that you are supposed to remove the padding prior to washing.  I assume you have to wash the padding, so do you put the padding in the lingerie bag or hand wash them?

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Hi holly,


I just looked on the website at FAQs and it is odd...



Do they have padding?

Yes, each Coobie Seamless Bra comes with removable pads. It’s best to remove them for washing. Wash in cold water on delicate cycle or by hand with mild detergent. We recommend using a lingerie bag as well to avoid getting the straps tangled. If your pads get a wrinkle from shipping or traveling simply wash them in warm water and dry on low and they will regain their shape. Replacement pads are available.

/end quote


To me, that looks like you can wash the pads. I'd put them in a lingerie bag.

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And am I reading the website correctly in that for the regular coobies, it's one size fits all?


I originally ordered the "one size" but they were too small for my 38B.  So, I reordered full size.  Oldest dd is a 36C and the "one size" is a tad too small and the "full size"  just a tad big.  So, youngest dd now owns a bunch of  bras in all sorts of fun colors :)  Fortunately, she loves them! 


I did call this morning and they said to remove the padding and place it in the bag with the bras. 

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