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Talk to me about daily routines or chores... morning, car rides, lunch, evening


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Calming Tea mentioned in the memorizing math facts thread that they have their kids do math facts as part of their evening routine. My ears perked right up.


So... a two-part question:

1. Can you tell me more about what your dc do as part of a routine each day? Anything- school, silly stuff, innovative child-herding techniques.


I'll go first:

We have car routines: we usually listen to our CC memory song cd or my 7yo does his reading flashcards (newest word cards or phonogram cards).


At bed, we usually read a Bible devotional or sometimes a silly story. We pray and special prayers are usually given out (we pick people we interacted with during the day, or a specific need we know of, or we give a specific praise for something in our lives).


We are holding on tooth and nail to our eating-out routines: basically no screens at the table. This always gets a little bent when we travel with extended family (a million family members and lonnnng meals). We bring scissors, crayons, origami paper.


2. I'd love to hear also about chores. My boys clear their plates, keep their room clean, help fold laundry. I know the 7 yo in particular is ready for more and I like the ideas in The Entitlement Trap but just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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Some of mine are older than yours so my children's chores are probably not all that relevant.


Here are our basic goals for the day:

Bedrooms/ basic chores like feed cat


Bible journal

School work

Cleanup/lunch prep


Cleanup/naps (rest/read older children) OR pool

Afternoon cleanup/chores


Activities and free time


Family projects or free time

Family Bible time

Bedtime for youngest children





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