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  1. This is one of those just-get-through-it weeks.

  2. We found a cute puppy... and had to take it to the vet so they could find its family. Worst parents ever.

  3. Magnatiles are too expensive. And I want more now.

  4. The tree is evicted! Done! Gone! On to Christmas #2 with my family and when we come home it's back to reality... with fewer needles.

  5. Reading 'Lila'. Must focus on day ahead and not curl up with it while ignoring the children ...

  6. Why have we not watched Elf every dang year? The scene in the pediatrician's office. Yes.

  7. One more day and then a break... one more day and then a break...

    1. Critterfixer


      Done today. Hang in there!

    2. violamama


      Bathtime and then winetime and maybe a little whinetime thrown in!

  8. Grandparents are kidnapping the boys for a night. Just the toddler and us old people!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      I see an early bedtime in the toddler's future...

    2. violamama


      :-) We took her out for spicy indian food, put her to bed, then retired to the couch to do work. Getting old is boooooring. (contented sigh)

    3. Chelle in MO
  9. Last of our Fledermaus run tonight. All I can think is I need new concert black. So tired of these old ones!

  10. It might snow in Portland, Oregon. Newscaster freakout COMMENCE!

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    2. violamama


      My boys just saw that the snow is downtown and immediately asked why we couldn't go down there!!

    3. EndOfOrdinary


      :) we live up in the Gorge and I very much so enjoyed how Wednesday covered the weather for us. 7th layer of hell basically :)

    4. violamama


      How will you ever rebuild? ;-)

  11. On the hunt for a way to live in China for a few years...

  12. Sunday afternoon nap. Ahhhhhh.

  13. I underestimate my kids a lot. The 6 year old learned to sew and completed part of a costume and a stuffed bunny tonight. I think he was a surprised as I was.

    1. umsami


      That is awesome!! :)

    2. violamama


      We're planning some sock animals today!

  14. I am putting coins on completed math problems. Yes, that's right, I'm paying him for his work and stealing the joy of accomplishment. It's working out great!

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    2. shanvan


      I used to put m&ms at the end of a row of problems, money works too!


    3. violamama


      Waaay back I used to break out the nerds for phonogram bingo. I've got to stock up with Easter here. It's not bribery, it's positive reinforcement!

    4. kubiac


      Bribery is a highly underrated parenting technique. :D

  15. Tempting fate at an 8pm concert with a tired 4 & 7 year old...

  16. My 4 year old used the word "salubrious" correctly in a sentence yesterday. Thank you, Calvin & Hobbes.

    1. Kim in Appalachia

      Kim in Appalachia

      Love Calvin and Hobbes. My youngest has also been know to use interesting phrases thanks to it.

    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      "The beets are quite salubrious." :)

  17. I get to go to dc to talk about classical conversations all week. Yay!

  18. Holst's "The Planets" works really well as a kids' concert. I'm thinking we'll circle back to it next year.

    1. violamama


      Also, astrology is bunk, but it's pretty hilarious that my 4 year old's planet would be Mars, the Bringer of War.

    2. 1bassoon


      Absolutely. Mussorgsky's Pictures is a good one, too!

    3. violamama
  19. It was just one of those days.

  20. Got my SOTW all set up. Totally gangster binders, tricked out and ready to rock.

    1. skeeterbug


      Pictures! We need pictures! Ya know, when the boards are up again.

  21. Back home to a week of... home! We schooled on vacation so we can have a break to help us (me) not be so bummed it's over now.

  22. Wondering how people who live anywhere near the Florida Keys get anything done, ever! Vacation= awesome!

  23. Playing Prokofiev 4 this week.. makes me feel caffeinated & edgy. I like it.

    1. besroma
    2. violamama


      If they're torturous, they must be goooood! Keep at it, Wendy. Someday we'll have a WTM chamber ensemble, between all the musician moms and kids here.

  24. Just read The Hen and the Golden Eggs and my boys eyes were like saucers at the killing & dicing. I guess we do shelter them!

    1. Sahamamama


      Next read: The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night. The little ones chewed on the bones-O!

  25. Scheduling magic, activate! Activate! ACTIVATE!!!! Sigh.

    1. Jen in NY

      Jen in NY

      Bwahaha! This made me chuckle. Did you watch the wonder twins, too?


    2. violamama


      I remember that part. My favorite was wonder woman, though. I should look into getting a good lasso.

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