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BJU science re: sequence

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I have a question about Physical science as a 9th grader. Around here, the schools tend to do Life, Earth and Physical science as middle school science classes. Physical science is usually only offered in 9th for non-college bound kids as another science option. Everyone else takes Bio 1. Now, I completely understand that the schools that offer physical science in middle school are not offering as difficult of a class as the ones that offer it in high school. My question is whether BJU's classes could be taken in middle school (Life, Earth, and Physical) for an average math student, or whether the math required in BJU's physical science is hard enough that you need to have Algebra 1 completed.


(I'm trying to decide between Apologia and BJU and unfortunately cannot go to a convention this year. If I start either of them in 7th grade, then I have time to get my hands on a copy, but if BJU Life is doable in 6th then I need to purchase it this year. )

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My older son followed the same sequence as Dixie's...Life in 6th, Earth in 7th, and Physical in 8th. This son also completed Algebra I in 7th grade. I recommend that a student taking the BJU Physical Science course be at least concurrently enrolled in Algebra I. It would be ideal for the student to have completed Algebra I or a very strong pre-algebra program. There is a lot of manipulation of physics equations in the course where the student is required to solve for a particular variable within a formula. Lots.


For this reason, my younger son...who is not as academically "mature" as his older brother...will take Life in 7th, Earth in 8th, and Physical in 9th. But I plan to call the 9th grade course "Integrated Physics and Chemistry" because that is what the BJU course is...it is NOT a typical middle-school physical science course (like Apologia's). It is definitely a high-school level course.


By the way, I did not count the BJU physical science as a high school credit for my older son; his hs transcript will start with biology. However, I will count it for my younger son since he will be taking it in 9th.


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