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Suggest a 4th grade math curriculum for somewhat mathy kid

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This is for dd 9. She just finished JUMP 3rd grade (the 2 book, complete curriculum, not the "at Home" variety). She liked it well enough, but said it was really too easy and frankly, if she had flown through the second half as quickly as she did the first, she would have finished months ago (she got bored with it). She hates anything to do with manipulatives or colorful pictures. She's not really big on a computer program. She's very analytical and step-by-step oriented. Sometimes has trouble seeing the big picture.


We tried Math Mammoth a year or so back. She disliked it intensely. I think there was just too much going on on each page and the slots for her to write in her too small for her handwriting at the time. She writes very small now, so that might not be an issue, but I'm not sure about trying it again.


She is very "math is doing operations and equations" oriented. I have a hard time getting her to see the bigger picture.


What would you recommend for this child?

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