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  1. The pods that I'm aware of in my area: One mom decided to "host" a pod in her home, There will be a mix of paid tutors and parent taught classes. A few families using the same homeschool curriculum plan to get together once or twice a week to so the kids can work together or they can do things like labs and presentations.
  2. My oldest is 20. There have been many things he has had to learn the hard way, but he has persevered and we have survived. I think, maybe, I have become a better parent for it. I'm more patient, less likely to jump to the worst conclusion, better at just talking about stuff without passing judgement, etc. It's a hard transition. My husband still struggles with it some---I say that not to malign my husband in any way, but to say that relationships between son and mom and son and dad are very different. It's funny, because my son has been very open about the fact that depending upon what type of
  3. I've been homeschooling in Maryland for 10 years. We currently use an umbrella, but even when we used our county monitor it was no big deal. You just file a letter of intent to begin and verify each year that you are continuing (which can be verbal), notify them of any changes (like if your address changes or you add a child), then do a portfolio review. In our county, we only saw the monitor once a year in the spring after a brief phone convo in the fall, but this does vary by county. For our umbrella, I am able to do online reviews and they are easy. It's really just some minor paperwork and
  4. I just find the whole chart to be amusing and contrary to what an alternative form of education is about. Why add 20 minutes per grade? Where does that figure even come from? Why are we timing it at all? Learning is so, so very variable. My 16-year-old can read a book in half the time it would take me to read it, and yet, as an adult, I might have a deeper and more complete understanding of the material therein. You can't measure learning with a timer. Can you?
  5. I used POE along with the middle school supplement a few years ago with my then 6th grader, 4th grader, and 1st-grade tag along. I liked it well enough, but my kids were begging to quit it 6 weeks in (end of 1st unit). This would have been the 1st edition. Issues we had: Some of the readers and read aloud books overlapped so much that they seemed redundant. My kids didn't care for them, either. My kids work at vastly different rates, so someone was always waiting for someone to finish, which annoyed them because they wanted to get their other work done quickly and move onto t
  6. This ad from Alpha Omega peddling Monarch as an "Instant Homeschool, just add student" has landed in my inbox several times in recent months---it seems every homeschool blog I subscribe to is getting paid to blast it to their list. It makes me so mad. If the homeschool curriculum providers are advertising this way, it is no wonder people think they can homeschool without investing any of themselves.
  7. Puzzle Baron: http://www.puzzlebaron.com/ They also have print books you can get on Amazon.
  8. Once upon a time, my youngest lost all the letter tiles to AAS (she was about 2 and mischievous). Turned out she had shoved them one by one under the refrigerator and the magnets all stuck to the underside. I hate bitty pieces. Ditto on the art work. Hand drawn pictures are great if well done, but not so much if your elementary kids can draw better. I guess I'm a bit snobby, but I want my materials that I pay oh so much for (none of these things are inexpensive) to actually look professional.
  9. One reason I avoided this curriculum for YEARS. As it turns out, it is as close to perfect as it can be for my younger ds and was a good fit for my high schooler for geometry last year (just for the one year, though, he needed a light math year---we are using something different this year). I still cringe at the name.
  10. Yep, I had the same problem with the study guide for History of the Medieval World. I ended up actually getting both a physical copy and a pdf, because I bought the physical copy and realized that just wasn't going to work for me. It is essentially a student and teacher book together in one massive book and really should be 2 separate books. I won't buy a physical book and pay to have someone take it apart for me for 2 reasons: 1. They might mess is up and then what? 2. I live in the boonies and the closest place that can do that for me is a 35-40 minute drive away---that makes it a v
  11. I just wanted to chime in and say that my ds 15 also loves Virtual Instructor. I did pay for the year and have only recently started to download some of the videos (we have spotty internet at some of the time's ds wants to use it, so hopefully this will solve that problem). I'm really impressed with the level of instruction and video quality. I'm not sure that you can sign up just for a month and then download all of the videos, but I wouldn't anyway---it is worth the price and he is always adding new content. Keep in mind---it will take a lot of time to download it all. The Secrets to Dr
  12. Well, I don't know if it helps Farrar, but it sure helps me. :hurray: Thank you!
  13. If she likes the Saxon, but is having some trouble with some of the explanations, you might try the Virtual Homeschool Group's free at-your-own-pace course for Saxon Algebra 1 (scroll down a bit here): http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/course/category.php?id=65 It includes recorded video lectures, online problem sets, and tests. Since it is at your own pace, you could pick up where she started running into trouble. I switched my ds 14 to this course when he got completely bogged down in the Dolciani text we were using. So far, he is doing quite well with it, and math has ceased to
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