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looking for a family devotion to be lead by DAD!! Xpost


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I am looking for a SIMPLE family devotion type material that is open and go for our family. We have ages of 11, 14, 16 and this would be the FIRST time of doing this. Big thing that Dad would be leading this as he has been not very involved up to this point.

Something that could be completed in about 1/2-45 minutes would be perfect.

Please----any suggestions, I have no idea where to look!!

Thanks so much


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I don't know your DH, but if it's something you want him to take on (or that he wants to take on), let him be the one to find the resources for it. With my DH, if I plan everything, buy everything and then expect him to do it (like for Chemistry this past year) I have found it doesn't work very well. He needed to be the one to do everything for it in order for it to work. Otherwise, I felt like I was setting everything up for him, showing him what to do and telling him where the supplies were...and by then I might as well just do it myself!

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Here are some thoughts


Just reading from the Bible (picking a weekly character trait and reading versus that pertain to that or reading through a specific book)

However, I know some more direction is helpful especially when someone is doing devotions for the first time so here are some other ideas


Our 24 Family Ways

The Narrow Way


Charles Spurgeon has day/evening readings that are awesome.


Also, Doorpost.com has some good devotional type stuff.


I'm sure there are tons more out there but something to help you get started. All mine are little so I'm still learning but those are some I"ve heard of and looked into. I own the Charles Spurgeon book and am planning to use some doorpost stuff this coming month.

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