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BJU Physical Science: DVDs or Online?

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I have been completely impressed with BJU Earth Science this year, and want oldest ds to take their Physical Science next year (8th grade). I also want to do BJU Life Science next year with younger ds.


I taught Earth Science with labs myself this year, but think doing two levels of BJU science with labs would be too much for me!


Can you share the pluses and minuses of the Physical Science DVD vs. Online?

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I have not used the DVD's, but we are on our second online course and love it! DD completed Life Science last year and is currently doing Earth Science. We got the $99 deal in January and simply rotated our schedule to be on a calendar year instead of a school year to take advantage of the savings. Since I am not a sciencey person, I did not feel comfortable teaching this at the middle school/ high school level, so this is working out perfectly for us.

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Online has some super nice features. If you don't need the portability of the dvds and ability to use them with a tv (as opposed to hogging up your computer), go online.


I agree. If you have a computer capable of running the online program (make sure you check this first), then the online option is the better choice. The program keeps up with everything for you. It is nice!

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