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Asking for a friend with a "gifted and talented but hyperactive" child

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My neighbor is raising her grandchildren. She recently withdrew her 1st grader from PS because things weren't going well for him. He is bright (reads at 5th grade level, does 2nd grade math), but has behavior issues at school that they simply do not see at home. She enrolled him in a local PS-linked co-op of sorts but they don't plan to use it again next year because co-op is switching to a more classroom-style set up (due to changes in ALE regulations) and he doesn't do well in that setting.


She has been doing research about kids that are "gifted and talented" flavored with hyperactivity and now she feels like she really doesn't know what to do. She plans to keep him in the co-op for the rest of the school year and then bring him home for 2nd grade. She is trying to find teachable moments outside of curriculum but for next year she is hoping to design a curriculum that keeps him engaged. She is concerned about keeping him on track for success later on and she does not feel she is equipped to unschool.


I realize he may be bored vs. hyperactive. I have asked her a series of questions RE: bored vs. hyperactive, goals for the 2nd grade year, secular vs. religious curriculum, subjects beyond the 3 R's, and whether or not he likes to read to help guide the options I present to her and am waiting to hear back from her


What suggestions do you have for her?

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My main suggestion is to get him involved in swim club. Boys need to move, and depending on her age, she may find it difficult to provide appropriate daily hard exercise.



I agree. Swimming, soccer, basketball, etc. A bouncy ball with a handle for the garage when it rains. I've posted about it before - my son does best with 4 hours of hard exercise a day. He doesn't get this very often, but every bit helps. Has she read about overexcitabilities? It helped me a lot to understand that it was not necessarily a problem.


Here's one article:


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