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MFW WHL Timeline

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I aked my oldest for her opinion. She did whl last year. She told me she liked reading the information on the pieces because that cool to read the stuff on there that wasn't in the other books. She was very glad she didn't color the pieces. I had her color the pieces in ahl with permisison that she didn't have to. LOL. sometimes teens are funny to listen to. I got hugged for not coloring the pieces. ok.. and although she didn't like the task of putting the pieces of in the book (although it didn't really take that long each week), she appreciated seeing that things were happening same time in differnet places.


if you need to trim costs.. you could get a sketch book and make your own lines for the pieces. ??


I guess if you didn't do timeline pre made.. it's not the end of the world, but i gues my kid was glad to do it.

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I've heard of folks skipping it. The WHL timeline is very long, with two almost complete sets of Homeschool in the Woods in one year.


My son got behind so I considered dropping it, but in the end I felt he needed to tie together what he was learning, and he needed some kind of review or other. I gave him other options, such as creating his own timeline notebook or making overview quizzes or even putting the timeline pieces in order as a review but not sticking them on. In the end he decided to just continue with this as written rather than reinventing the wheel.


I think you can go either way, but if you skip it, you might want to insure some kind of overview/review helps keep all the events of "world history" in some kind of order in the student's mind. The Notgrass quizzes cover details of individual chapters, but don't really tie together world events like I prefer.



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