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A Bragging post because I think it's okay to brag about our great kids.

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I see many posts and have had many converstations about the wonderful things that my family & friends kids are doing, and I think that's great, but I rarely post online or talk about things like that about my own children. Over the years I've had so many people (especially those righteous religious folk) tell me that when I talk about my children's accomplishments I'm being "proud". It seems permissible to talk about your kids soccer game, scout award, up coming speech... but when I talk about my children doing this or that I'm being a braggart. So I pretty much don't tell others about the great people my children are becoming. I think it's about time I start giving credit where it's due though. And I think it's wrong that I keep quiet just because some people are put out. So I wrote down a few things that I find amazing about my four children. I'd love to hear about the truely great things others are doing as well.



My eldest son Josiah is a wonderful kid. He's just a month away from being a teenager and he is showing such maturity and poise. Just last night he was sitting on the floor with his little sister laying in his lap talking about My Little Pony. He has a beautiful relationship with all his siblings, but I am especially proud of how kind and respectful he is with his little sister. He engages her with tea parties and reads "girl" stories with her. He participates in things that she enjoys and involves her in his own interests when appropriate. He works hard to create beauty in his world through artistic expression. He shows compassion to others, volunteering regularly at our local library to help elementary children learn to read, and have fun educational experiences. Though he has trouble always understanding Micah his autistic brother, he tries hard to have patience with him and often comments on how amazing and brilliant his not so normal brother is. He sets time aside nearly every day to teach his brother Zechariah how to do computer programming so that he can create computerized art like he does. I am proud of the young man he is becoming. There are many "things" that he has done over the years that I could say are his "accomplishments", but what it all really boils down to is that my son is becoming a godly man... and that above all else is what Jason and I have been striving for these last 13 years.



My second son Micah, who is 11, is a unique gift from God. He has come so far from those strange stressful toddler years when I though he wouldn't make it through childhood because of his reckless ways. He no longer cries at the barking dog, the noisy vacuum, or the buzzing florescent lights. He no longer runs into walls or falls off chairs, having finally mastered his proprioceptive and vestibular senses. He learned to read well and often despite the fact that the letters and words move, waver and sway. He has learned to write even though he has severe fine motor delays. He can ride a bike despite being told he'd never master the balance required to do so. He has learned to show compassion even though he doesn't understand the motives of others. He has learned to be a peacemaker in the midst of a strife filled world. He is now learning to look for and understand the elusive expressions of others, which come so easy to some and so difficultly to him. His memory is amazing and his scope of knowledge impressive, yet you won't find an ounce of arrogance in his demeanor. He has brought humor and laughter into our family. He gives everyone the benefit of his friendship, even when others treat him poorly. He sees the small blessings in life and shows them to his world. His love for God pours out of him like a fountain. He has taken the labels that society has placed upon him and turned them into assets. His struggles have made him have more compassion rather then bitterness. They have made him more aware of the pain of others, rather then dwelling on what he can't do. I am proud of my son... he has come a long way in his short life.



My third son, Zechariah being the youngest boy gets all the hand me downs, never gets to be the first to do anything and is not usually the best either. But he never complains. When we go out to busy places he looks out for his big brother Micah because he know how busy places can confuse him. He never complains that he gets less attention because so much has to be diverted to his big brother. He plays well with his little (lets be honest, a bit pesty) sister. He is by far the biggest sharer of the bunch and has an easy going attitude about life in general. He has a great enthusiasm for learning and loves math above all else. When he's around I don't need a calculator haha. He is quick to help me in whatever I might need done around the house. Last summer he was my main helper in the garden and made gardening less of a chore and more of a fun experience for me. He is a great weed puller. He has an easy way with others and it has been refreshing to see his interaction with his peers. He is not afraid to speak of his faith and I have often heard him telling his neighborhood friends that he would pray for them. He is polite and kind, patient and caring, loving and giving. He is my boy... who is just happy to be here. And I am so blessed to have him in my life.



And then there is my Selah Princess Sugar Plum. We were done when we had Zechariah... hence the Z name. But then we had our little girl. She has been the perfect daughter for me. Me being the "I hate all things pink, girly and pretty" kind of person all my life. She has brought something that was missing into my own personality. She is a girly girl to the max. She loves makeup and jewelry and pretty pink things. She is uber sensitive (emotionally), God has taught me patience with this one. And yet her sweet nature has melted my heart. She can make the most grumpy of souls crack a smile... I've seen it time and again. She has such beauty, yet doesn't act better then others. If she has met you, you are her friend. She is helpful and kind. She is very, very smart yet not overly demanding. She is content to learn at what ever pace I can manage, and keen to learn from her brothers as well. She is my ray of sunshine on the many, many gray days we have around here. She is gift wrapped in a pretty pink bow. A promise God gave me a long time ago.



I'd love to hear about your great blessings if you don't mind posting.

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I'm just proud of the way my kids get along with each other and look out for each other. They are as different as night and day, with big strengths and weaknesses, and wherever they go, they always have one sympathetic person to turn to. I hope it stays this way forever. :)

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