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  1. At the chiropractor today I noticed that my almost 6 year old daughter had put her turtleneck on backwards. I caught the backward shoes, but missed the shirt. I mentioned the mistake in front of the assistant and my daughter said, "Oh, I'm sorry, the volocity of my rotation isn't adequit for my atire." The assistant, who should know better by now, said, "Huh?" My dd, "Humm," thinking a moment says, "I was spinning too quickly, I mean fast, to dress my self correctly... I mean the right way." Sadly, I find that my children are more often having to adjust their vocabulary to be understood by the
  2. Not really super smart, just super sweet. Dd 5: "Mommy, I would really like to have a girls Easy Bake Oven for my birthday so that I can be more of a help to you in the kitchen. As I know I'm not allowed to use the big oven."
  3. This one isn't advanced just cute...My son 7 was talking with my daughter 5 today. ds:"It doesn't matter how annoying you are to me, I'll always love you." dd: "Thank you, that's very reassuring." Yesterday the same two were building a fort together. Their conversation went like this... ds: "We can't have too many pillows in the fort or the structure will be disproportionate." dd: "Yeah, I know, we need to have acquitted spacing for our Dora and Diego toys." ds: "How many chairs do we need?" dd: "I don't know maybe, Cinco, quinque or five? What do you think?" ds: "Five is
  4. We were at the play place in our mall today. My 7yo came over to me and said... "Mommy, I'm revolving around my left axes (his left foot) as I orbit the play place. It's making hide-n-seek much more interesting". Later when a rather impetuous little girl insisted for the 15th time that he was not welcome to play in the boat because he was not a girl ds said, "Mommy, I think that girl has been conditioned to reject casual interactions on the bases of gender." It was a bit surprising coming from him as he's usually much more stealth in his verbal expressions. The lady beside me gave me
  5. I saw that you made timeline cards for SOTW 1 last year. Which look totally awesome by the way. I was wondering if you also made cards for year two?

  6. My dd 4 told me today, "Mommy you are squelching my natural curiosity for numerals by not getting me my own math book." She has been asking for one for 3 months now.
  7. My dh was talking with my 9yo who was building with Lego's at the time. Ds was explaining to him the the blue and red single pieces were the energy cores. Dh asked what the difference was between them. Ds's answer was... "Well, the blue one is pure energy, like rescuing dolphins and the red one is corrupted like war." They then went into an hour long discussion about war.
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