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  1. Sorry I haven't responded, I was having computer troubles. So... First, my son is doing Pre-Algebra this year. He will likely go into Algebra 1 before summer break. So no Maths will not be an issue for him. His struggle with formal curriculum was with writing (penmanship). In elementary school my son has not had to do a great deal of output because he was incapable of doing so. Because of his AS his doctors would not listen to me when I told them he had a vision issue. They simply told me it was his AS. After 6 years of Occupational Therapy which did help in some areas, just not writing, we we
  2. Wow. Thanks for all the great responses. So yes, I was confusing AP and Honors. As far as his English credit I was thinking we’d use the entire series of Magic Lens Level 1 including the literature. We will also be adding more literature then just the three books offered in the level including Shakespeare. As for Math (not his good subject) we planned on adding supplemental material outside of MUS probably Life of Fred. Latin… I don’t know how I did it but the Latin was supposed to be for my younger son. Ds already finished this Latin program. We are doing Spanish as his Foreign Lan
  3. Then I read the post about processing speed being a sign of giftedness. Ugg. I liked the many post that followed on that line. My oldest was labeled HG and his PS and working memory were very low. His PS was 5th % I think and WM was in the 10th %. His tester told us this meant there was likely an LD that his giftedness was masking, he believed it to be ADD. He can hyper focus on things that interest him but things that are less important to him he struggles to focus. As he has gotten older I am thinking it was more of a matter of perfectionism that he had to overcome then ADD. I also have a
  4. Then I read all those posts about what Accelerated means and got to thinking about that. And decided to comment on those posts. I started coming to this board when ds was 3 looking for answer. So I started coming here with accelerated in mind as in my child was doing things above grade level. Some of it was me actually teaching things that were out of level per his request and some of it was me holding on tight as he pulled me along. At 7 we noticed a big gap in his Language skills and his Math skills. So we went in for his math issues to see what was going on. He was not retaining anything t
  5. So I spent all this time... about 1.5 hours reading this thread... some interesting stuff. I had so much to think about and some things I wanted to comment on. I was just going to pop on and comment on the title of the original post. haha. Basically, I was going to say that I don't often use "gifted" IRL but do on gifted/accelerated forums. I used it a bit more when my oldest was 3-5 years because I was trying to find my place as a parent of a strange little alien child. He’s now a strange alien teenager who is wildly different and yet much like that precocious little 3-5 year old. Around 6
  6. MUS only goes up to Calculus (they must have added a level while I wasn't looking) so we'd have to change to something else and I never went past Geometry in HS and Stats in college, so it would have to be self-taught or online... I was wondering what to use after Calculus. I don't even know what type of math would come after this. Trigonometry maybe? My son will be doing Algebra II in 9th grade, Pre-Calculus in 10th and Calculus in 11th but that means he will have to come up with another Math for his senior year. Which would be better to take an online High School Class, a DVD program at
  7. My second ds will be going into 7th grade this year. He devours History books like they are cookies. In History he has already read Story of the World 1-4, every book on SWB’s list of History books for K-8th grade and every other history book in our children’s section of the public library. And he could tell you more than you would like to know about just about every era he has studied. At the end of last year he started reading (for fun) Ancient History of the World. We just let him read it… no writing required. He’ll be reading Ancient History of the World again and doing the Study
  8. My second ds will be going into 7th grade this year. He loves Science. He has Asperger. For him it plays out in his love of Math, Science and History. He's a fact Hover and Science is his all-time favorite subject. But I have been holding him back from high level science courses because of the writing requirements. He is finally at a place where he can handle the writing level. He can do the reading and writing requirements for a full chapter of Elementary Apologia in about 2 hours + an additional 30 to 40 minutes for experiments. So I am looking at accelerating him in Science. His desire is n
  9. My second ds will be going into 7th grade this year. He loves Math. He is not emotionally mature for his age so while academic acceleration seems to be his desire he is not ready to deal with outside settings which require maturity. He is also slower at fine motor skills and is an average 12yo boy who would rather be running and climbing trees then writing. In Math he has a few more chapters of MUS Zeta (his teacher got sick of school before finishing and needed a break). His writing skills have kept him back but he has finally gotten to grade level in writing skills. We are looking at him
  10. This year my eldest son will be entering 9th grade. He plans to go to Art School upon graduation. So we are leaning his education more toward the arts. There aren’t any examples of Art leaning students to go by and we still have to meet the min. requirements. The state requires 4 units of English & Math, 3 units of Science and Social Studies, 2 units Fine Arts, 1 unit Economics and Financial Literacy, ½ unit Health and Phys. Ed. plus 5 electives (at least one being a foreign language). So this is the plan I’ve set out for him for the year. I’m thinking this will take him about 5 ½
  11. His typing skills are on par with his writing skills... so that would not fix the issues.
  12. So here is the deal. I picked up History of the Ancient World and Study Guide for my oldest son to do next year for 9th grade. I was still figuring out what we might do for my 6th grader who finished SOTW 4 two weeks into the school year. This boy devours history. He's watched every YouTube, Amazon and Netflix History program/documentary I've been able to find. He's read quite a bit of the 1,000 children's history books at our local library. I'm a bit reluctant to let him loose in the adult section just yet. After skimming SWB's book I felt he could handle the content. So how much output w
  13. Okay, so here is what I would do... from a been there done that mom. My son has Aspergers. He was/is so smart but really struggled to read. So learning to read meant a lot of hard work on both our parts. In retrospect I wish I'd gone with my instinct because I was sure he had a vision issue and his doctor said he didn't. At age12 ds was still having serious writing issues though he was reading well above grade level. We took him to see a Developmental Vision Therapist. He has Convergence Insufficiency the doctor told us that she had never seen a child with CI so badly who could read. Afte
  14. The boy is 14 and according to her this is his plan not her plan... she went on a few minutes about how expensive MIT is going to be and how he was working on developing an app for Apple to pay for it.
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