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CLE Math7. What's NEXT?

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I'd really appreciate any assistance with planning for next year. My current 7th grader is finishing CLE 7. What comes next? I'm under the impression that CLE 8 is Business Math. I'd like something more Algebra track related.

I seem to recall CLE was developing an Algebra program but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your help.



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CLE has some algebra-specific worksheets in a product called "Algebra - Math Skill Development Worksheets" that comes from their 400-800 level Light Units. Here are some samples, including a Table of Contents. (Answer key is also reasonably priced.) Those would give you the specific lessons in the 800-level which cover pre-Algebra topics.


Some people skip right to Algebra after CLE 700. Others go into a Pre-Algebra. You should find some other posts on this topic ...

CLE Math 6 to Pre-Algebra?

How many are using CLE 7 as a pre-algebra?

Could you go from CLE 7 to Math Relief Algebra?

Do we need to complete both CLE Math 7 & 8 to be ready for Algebra?

CLE 8 vs. Key to Algebra

Algebra options for after CLE 8?

What Algebra is self-teaching and sort of like CLE?

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How much CLE to prep for Algebra 1 in 8th grade?


As to what specific pre-algebra or algebra program to pick ... the Fence Straddler (Pre-Algebra / Algebra) threads make good reading.


Edited to add some of those threads which showed up in my advanced search (for CLE & Algebra). The search link didn't work! Sorry!

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