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Miquon math. Red, orange, lab annotations. Any takers?

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I didn't want to put this in the for sale board, since I am not selling them. I have the Lab Annotations, Red Book, and Orange book. I don't know anything about Miquon and I will not be using them. I don't know if the Lab Annotations go with the 2 workbooks. I actually got them at such a discounted rate, I thought it would be good to just look them over and see if we would supplement with them. The books are used, but I see no markings on any of them.


Let me know if anyone wants the set! First email/response gets them free. I would really like this to go to someone who really needs them.



Liz in NC

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The Lab Annotations are the "teachers guide" (for lack of a better term) to Miquon, and are "essential" for anyone planning to use this program. I received a copy this week (thanks to Connie in CO...you rock!) and it has been my bed-time reading the last few nights.


Very good of you to offer these up here Liz, I'm frustrated my "rep-gun" is empty for today, because I'd like to show you some love.


Bill (who doesn't need these...but sure appreciates your making the offer to the hive)

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