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  1. I have a 6th grader who hates the Middle Ages. We have used Memoria Press from the beginning and this year (we are into week 4) is the first year that he is hating history. He has no interest at all in medieval times. While my other kids loved reading about knights and castles, this kid hates that stuff. I would love any suggestions. I don't mind parental involvement with read aloud and activities. Thank you! Liz

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    I'm emptying some of our bookshelves. Best way to reach me is All items include shipping and I accept Paypal. *************************************************************************************************************************************************** Living Learning Books Level One, Life Science: Includes worksheets. Good condition $10 Sonlight Core 1/B Introduction to World History Instructor's Guide (2011 I think): Excellent condition! Includes science, history guide, read aloud guide, language arts. $80 HSP Science 1st Grade with Assessment Guide *NEW*. $45 Galloping the Globe, Revised Edition. Great condition. $10 Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt. *NEW* $10 Real Science for Kids Physics Level 1, Like new $15 Writing With Ease Workbook Level 1, Coil Bound, Like New $18 Everybody Has a Body, Like New, $7 Botany Notebooking Journal for Exploring Creation with Botany, pencil marks on a few pages. $10 MCP PHonics K, 3 pages in pencil, otherwise new...$6 A Nature Walk With Aunt Bessie, Charlotte Mason science curriculum from Sandi Queen, Like New, $20 Math on the Menu, Excellent Condition, $7 Spelling Workout A Teacher Guide, Like New, $6 Real Science for Kids Chemistry 2 Set. Includes Text, Teacher's Manual, Lab Workbook, Language Workbook Level I A, and sample chapter of Kogs 4 Kids Critical Thinking Workbook. Like New $50. The Complete Book of Animals (from MFW), New. $9 Draw and Write Through History: Vikings, Middle Ages, and Renaissance. New. $6 History Odyssey Middle Ages, Level One. Pencil marks and notes. $13 History Odyssey Early Modern, Level One. Pencil marks and notes. $13 Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Like New $18 Exploring Creation with Botany, Like New $18 Growing with Grammar Level 5 Student Manual, Good condition $5 Vocabulary from Classical Roots Level A, Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook (binding cut off), Excellent Condition $10 Vocabulary from Classical Roots Level 4, Student Workbook, Answer Key, Test Booklet, NEW $12 Vocabulary from Classical Roots Level 6, Student Workbook, Answer Key, Test Booklet, NEW $12 Science is Simple, Like New, $10 Phonics Pathways, 9th Ed., Used $5 *************************************************************************************************** I will be posting more in the future! Thanks, Liz



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    IEW Student Writing Intensive B. This set is in new condition and includes the DVD's, binder, and handouts. $100 includes shipping. Thanks! Liz



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    I have the following books for sale. Price includes shipping. WWE, The Complete Writer. Hardcover. New. $18 SOLD WWE Level 1. Spiral bound. Never used. $18 WWE Level 2. Student pages and instructor section have been spiral bound into 2 different books. Never used. $18 SOLD WWE Level 3. New. $20 SOLD Phonics from A to Z. Shelf wear. $5 Veritas Press First Favorites, Volume 1. Corner is bent, but never used. $12. Galloping the Globe, Revised Edition. Bottom corner bent a little, but otherwise Like New. $13 Five in a Row, Volume 1. New condition. $15 SOLD Science is Simple. New. $11 Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready. Shelf wear. $11 Mudpies to Magnets. New. $10 More Mudpies to Magnets. New. $11 Saxon Math K Teacher's Manual. Excellent Condition. $13 Harcourt Science Text and Student Workbook Grade 1. Excellent Condition (no writing or marks). $20 All About Reading Level Pre-1: Teacher's Manual, Zig Zag Zebra hardcover book, and Lizard Lou hardcover book. Excellent Condition. $40 I only accept PayPal. Prices are ppd.


  5. The Liturgical Calendar that I have in our school room is Roman and I purchased it from Liturgy Training Publications. We love it and the kids check it often for feast days, saint days, etc. Here is the website. http://www.ltp.or/p-1815-year-of-grace-liturgical-calendar-2009-poster-paper.aspx


    It's on sale now too for only $4, since we are well into the year.

  6. I was viewing all the awesome homeschool room photos on the one thread. I'm wondering: where did you obtain your liturgical calendar? Is it Eastern or Roman? Hope you don't mind my asking :)

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