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3yo spilled full Venti coffee over the school table....

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Ruining two Math U See student texts, a writing pad, and soaking our utensil caddy (a scrapbooking caddy turned into our pencil, ruler, pen, scissor, index card, etc. holder).


Same child that ruined our Latina Christina CD.


Same child that we refer to as "spirited".


Same child that has had me fantasize about a padded room addition to the house.


Same child that I have tried every form of behavioral training known to man on.


Same child that has given me most of my gray hairs.


She is naughty. Naughty, naughty, naughty.


We can call it "inquisitive", we can say she will one day be blessed by her "determination", but right now I'm at my wits end. She takes up SO MUCH ENERGY. And not just from me, from all her siblings too.


How can one child be so much harder!!!! She is number 5. I've done this before. I know I can succeed in training up well behaived children.

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The coffee was there first. :o


I had a lovely table all to myself where I was going to sort through the 3,000 pieces of forwarded mail and change all my addresses today. I had a plan.


The kids circled in on me like vultures. They had questions. Understandable. But *I* was there first [stamping foot]. :o


It's a small little cottage. She (the 3yo) would have found a way to cause mischief regardless.... Grrrrrr.


She is still in her room.



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Jo, you must use a lid to avoid those spills. Find a great container that will keep it hot and inside the cup. It will pay for itself in the long run.


Hugs..Some kids are just harder according to my mom, but the good news is they almost always turn out just like...YOU!:D

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