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English lit class for senior engineers and musicians?

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I am doing the ritualistic spring banging my head against a wall while contemplating course options for next year. Right now English is our problem.


I am looking for recommendations for online English lit classes for a student who --


* is currently taking AP Eng Lang&Comp but doesn't want to do AP English Lit next year because of time issues

* can't take lit classes at the CC because College Comp 101 & 102 are prereqs no matter what


She would love something fun or interesting. I want something challenging, but realistically she can't put in more than 5-8 hours per week, which elminates AP English Lit.


I know many online provides (like the Potters School) have course sequences, and since she is a senior she won't have those prereqs, though she has a strong background in English.


Curently our best option seems to be doing literature at the local 4-year college -- my kids have found that college classes ALWAYS take less time than the AP ones! But we are concerned that this one class might break that rule and turn her life topsy-turvy at a point when she needs to focus on college applications.


Suggestions from the Hive?

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My older son took a one semester Lit course (19th Century Lit) with Potter's School in 11th grade. They read 3 books, had to answer weekly comprehension questions, and do several papers. I thought it was a well-run course, and it would probably fit your time criteria. The course was enjoyable, and I thought a reasonable amount of work for my future engineer.


I don't know if Potter's is offering something similar now, but you might be able to convince them to let your dd into the class without their prereqs since she'll have had a semester of AP English already.


I still haven't fully flushed out my rising 12th grader's courses for next year either. Both the CC and the local coop haven't released their full course schedules yet, so we can't make any firm decisions. He's hoping to take a Creative Writing course at the coop instead of a more traditional Lit/Writing course. I'm hoping that colleges will be OK with that for senior English. Decisions, decisions....



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I would like to recommend the High School literature discussion group that is offered by Adam and Missy Andrews of Teaching the Classics.




My senior dd is enrolled this year. There are no papers due; the students just read the books and participate in an online discussion. They meet about twice a month for a two hour discussion. It has been a blessing as dd has had to write so many papers for college admissions and scholarships. Please do not forget to factor time in for those types of essays in senior year - it has turned out to be a much bigger deal than I anticipated and I am glad that her lit class didn't require any additional writing.

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