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weather prediction rabbit trail


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My older did a science fair project on weather prediction at age 8. He studied how to predict rain from cloud formations. Then he did a 10 day trial. He predicted rain 24 hours in advance, and then recorded his prediction, the actual weather forecast, and finally the actual weather on the following day. He was right 9 out of 10 days and the weather forecasters were right 8 out of 10 days. He was feeling pretty good.


He also made a weather vane, a barometer, and a rain gauge. He also learned the Beaufort scale for wind speed. Finally, he learned how to understand the weather maps and predictions from the weather channel, and also studied about global weather, ferrel/hadley cells, el nino etc. It was a great 2 months.


Ruth in NZ

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DS learnt to read satellite photos and predicted snow on 4th June 2012 based on historical photos and current ones 12 days out. I told him it was way too early in the year for snow, and while it would be nice, it wasn't likely. It snowed on the 5th :-)


I have all sorts of PDFs and things saved here but I don't know how to attach them or link to them. There's a couple of magic school bus weather lapbooks for free, and lots of websites if you do a little poking around.

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