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8 weeks to go and BP up


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Ok so I'm about 32 week, but I never go beyond 39 so I have almost 8 weeks to go and my bp went up at my 30 week apt. It was 130/90. Now I've been sick for almost 6 weeks and not getting lots of rest so my midiwife wasn't too worried. I went ahead and started an ABX on Tues and this is my 9th day on:




Apple Cider Vinegar

369 oil

I drink no caffeine, only nettle tea and have had no sweets, food out to eat, etc. I hope this will bring down my pressure. I go to see a hospital midwife on Wed just in case. I've had 2 at home and 1 at the hospital b/c my BP went up at 36/37 weeks with dd2. She was born at 38 weeks and was a tiny 5.2 vs. My other dd who was 39 weeks and 7.91/2lbs. I really want to bake this baby and make sure she weighs around 6lbs if possible. Also I just turned 40.


Any advice? Been there done that? TIA!

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You might take some time to consider your overall nutrition- especially your protein intake. This website describes the pregnancy diet recommended by Dr. Tom Brewer, an OB who was a strong advocate of using 80-120 gm of protein, salt to taste, and plenty of water to prevent and even reverse (in earlier stages) complications due to pregnancy-related hypertension. Dr. Brewer died a few years back, but his work with diet and pregnancy is still well-respected amongst birth professionals who emphasize natural ways to maintain health during pregnancy as the first line of defense against complications.

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I would work your way up to see what you can tolerate. Too much mag will give you diarrhea. Start at 750mg and go up every few days, but, yes 1500 should be ok.


I ate Brewer diet and it did not help me. If you read the studies, it is possible (like

i did) to get preeclampsia or PIH despite eating Brewer. Regardless, high protein and lots of veggies is important, imo.


ETA: yes, my bp stayed manageable. I delivered when my water broke at 33w. Big picture: it was a blessing despite her preemieness as there were other lifethreatening issues going on.

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