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Tell me more about SOTW 1 Activity Guide.


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I am trying to decide whether to do Winter Promise HIH for 2nd grade or SOTW 1 AG for 4th grade.


Would SOTW 1 with AG be appropriate for 4th grade?


What kinds of activities are there? We were really excited about the Cunieform Tablet project in HIH. Looking for more crafty things to do.


Thanks for any help. I need to know what I am doing for 4th grade so I will know what I am doing next year for 2nd. :tongue_smilie:

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I don't have a child in 4th grade, but I did just finish SOTW 1 activity guide with my 7 yo ds. Since I have younger children we will be going through it again in 4 years. I remember reading some of the project ideas and thinking that I am glad that we will be going back through it because some of the activities are cool, but to advanced for a 1st grader.


So, my answer is yes, a 4th grader would enjoy the activity guide.


Examples of projects:


Make Cuneiform Tablets

Make a Hieroglyphic Scroll

Make a Chicken Mummy

Make Joseph's Coat

Compose Your Own Fairy Tale

Science Project: What Does it Take to Make a Brick

Art Project: Make a Blue and Whte Ming Bowl

Craft Project: Paper Bead Necklace

Cooking Project: African Feast

Make a Monkey Doll

Play Tomb Discovery

Make a Red Sea Diorama

Famine Experiment

Make Purple Dye

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Sounds fantastic! I thought of more questions: Is it a complete curriculum in that it will tell you when to read specific supplemental material? Also does it schedule projects from the Ancient Chinese and Ancient Egyptian Treasure Chests?


I think we will do American History for 2nd grade and leave SOTW 1 for 4th. My heart tells me that I will have an easier time starting out with teaching history if I start with American. :) So I am very glad to hear that the AG will work for 4th grade.

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The AG lists tons of supplemental reading for every chapter. There is so much - more than you could ever use actually!!! We just finished SOTW 1 and I depended on our library for any books they had trying to save money. Unfortunately our library system didn't have many of the books and the ones they had were always checked out and/or reserved weeks and weeks in advance. We were left with "leftovers". I decided I only wanted to spend time reading what I felt was the best out there. This year for SOTW 2 I went through the AG, did my own research and asked lots of questions of the moms and dads on this board. I came up with my own list - 1-2 supplemental books per chapter and ordered only those. That way we will always have exactly what we need when we need it.


You may have a better library system than we did but I wanted to shared just in case. I felt that the supplemental books are where some of the best learning can take place! ;)


Also, I can't remember is the Treasure Chests are scheduled but I bought all of them and did them when the appropriate chapters came along!


Good luck and enjoy!

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Thanks! I am surprised to hear it as so many parents are using HIH over more than one year. I was planning on that until I found out I don't need to use a different program, because SOTW has a program already. Amazing that I have been on these boards this long without realizing it.


Thanks for the tip about the library books not working. I will buy the AG in advance when the time comes so I can plan appropriately. I was trying to keep additional reading full of pictures since SOTW is all narrative.

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Hi Carmen,


The SOTW activity guide is awesome! It includes the following:


Maps for every chapter with specific instructions on what to color or mark and label.


Comprehension questions for each chapter - you can use these as a quiz also or you can buy the tests seperately.


Coloring pages - great for the little ones to keep them still while you read but would also be nice for older dc to put in their history notebook.


Resource lists - all kinds of things listed, everything from picture books to chapter books, textbooks, cookbooks, and movies.


Projects for each chapter - Fun things like making a chicken mummy, golden egyptian arm bands, even cooking projects like a greek dinner and having the family wear togas.


A memory card for each chapter - sort of a flash card that you can use to remind child of what they have learned.


SOTW is an awesome curriculum for a very good price, I highly recommend it. In fact I will even be adding the activity guide in for fun projects for my 13 yo ds doing sonlight core 6.

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SOTW is an awesome curriculum for a very good price, I highly recommend it. In fact I will even be adding the activity guide in for fun projects for my 13 yo ds doing sonlight core 6.


I am doing this also.


I think the AG is awesome.

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