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  1. Child watches the video. Completes the “odds” I check the work. 80% or better means that he can move on to the next thing tomorrow. Less than 80% means he has to do the evens tomorrow. I make a judgement call about if he needs to rewatch the video, be retaught by me, or just try again. We use the checklists found on the website to keep track of what is next.
  2. Years ago I took my < 3 month old to the pool in a mesh sling. I would sit on the side while my 2 and 4 year old kids swam around my legs. I was cautious about getting in however, because once I got out to sit back on the side, or even just stand in knee deep water, the baby didn’t like being in a wet sling.
  3. I used Breaking the Barrier French last year and the iBook had no tests. I don’t know how anything can be printed.
  4. It’s probably kids. My 10 year old will do this...after he sticks it on his eye and peers through it for awhile pretending it’s a monocle.
  5. Replacing my son’s mattress pad really helped his stinky room.
  6. Like Texasmama said, a pep talk really helps. Something like, "This is going to be hard, so you won't get it the first time. It will take lots of practice."
  7. Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach (But after a while we just were able to chant it. It is kinda catchy.)
  8. Our speech therapist recommended "Speak" from www.SpeechNutrients.com. It is fish oil and Vitamin E combined. It is formulated very differently than most fish oils because of the amounts and ratios of the Omega-3 Fatty acids. I wasn't able to get much of it into my 2 year old. It doesn't taste very good. However, the little bit that I did get in helped him go from only speaking one syllable words to attempting two syllables. (Or at least this happened about the same time he was taking the fish oil).
  9. My children seem to get overwhelmed at times with RS. They understand the concept, but need to rest awhile before moving on. We do MEP during this time. Then after a few weeks/months, go back to RS. Also, we do math year round so there is usually time to fit in more than one curriculum without doing more than one lessen per day. DD has finished RS B and is doing the second half of MEP 1 over the summer.
  10. My children read like yours so I have not assigned reading. However, next year I am going to assign books to my 4th grader. Although he would read these books anyway, the purpose of the assignment is that I am going to require that he make a notebook page for two books each week. I want to pick the books.
  11. I tutored an Abecedarian class this past year. In our community, the tutors agreed not to charge each other for our children. I still had to pay for one child in Foundations (I had no children in Essentials) so I did make some money. I spent about $175 on books (mostly th VP cards). At first the prep time was several hours each week--about 3-4. As I got into a routine and knew what my kids liked to do the prep time was down to about an hour to plan and pack my bags. Some weeks it was more if I needed to make something for a game. It was a lot of work, but I liked it.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I have tried breaking up the sections into two or more pieces and asking for narrations after reading those. Sometimes it is hard to remember to stop reading! It seems like the passages are lengthy and full of information. Can most 3rd graders narrate from SOTW 3?
  13. We have always done narrations from SOTW and my ds has done well except for including too many details. I didn't correct him at age 7 and 8. Now he is 9 (almost 10) and we are in Volume 3. He cries tears of frustration almost every time I ask him to narrate from a selection. He can answer the review questions from the activity guide, but then has trouble organizing his thoughts and getting started. How can I help him?
  14. This year has been our first year with CC. We did not coordinate and I am glad I made that choice. The CC history sentences can cover a lot of information and I wanted to go through history at a much slower pace with my children. So we stuck with SOTW volume 3 this year and some fun stuff happened. They felt very smart when they heard a history sentence that mentioned an event/name/place that they were familiar with. But what I loved, was seeing their eyes light up when we were reading SOTW and we we came across an event that matched up with a history sentence they had learned.
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