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Home Economics.. if you designed your own program...?

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I need some ideas.. broad general topics or specific goals for creating a Home Economics program for my 7th grader next year. (boy)


There really isn't much out there, pre packaged..what I have seen is either religious in nature and/or seems very geared toward girls and traditional roles....so I thought I'd ask you all for some ideas..


All I remember about Home Ec was sewing, cooking and some basic nutrition...


I was thinking of having 4 broad ideas..


1. Cooking Skills/Nutrition


2. Household Management/Organization


3. Sewing (from basic to advanced..depending on his interest)


4. Consumerism (how to be a wise consumer, budget etc)


Other ideas, topics I am missing? Ideas for activities within these areas?


IF there is a secular resource out there and you know it..please pass it along



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I haven't used these, but I have these books on my Amazon wish list. Not strictly home ec, but more along the lines of "life skills". Maybe looking at the tables of contents or the samples will give you some ideas.


Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World


The ABCs of Life : Lesson One: The Skills We All Need but Were Never Taught

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Just wanted to bump for you since I'm :bigear: as well.


Your list of topics looks good to me. I might also add: 1 - basic awareness of vehicle maintenance schedules (how and when to check oil, tire pressure, etc.) and 2 - basic landscape/lawn maintenance, when and how to fertilize, water, etc. These topics are on my mind since my DH works a lot and these things fall into my domain often. :001_smile:


My DS loves to help me in the kitchen and frequently shops for groceries with me, and we are both obsessive list-makers for chores to do around the house (we have a monthly schedule), so lots of these discussions happen naturally for us. I do need to get around to showing him how to sew on a loose button and repair a pants hem.

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I'll bump this too, since I'm looking to do the same thing: plan a gender-neutral home ec course. I had some ideas typed out, but not many resources yet outside of the book TarynB linked on life skills. I had thought of Dave Ramsey for finances and Julie Morgenstern for organizing and time management.


Home management


Stocking the home/garage

Basic repair - car/home

Basic decorating

Schedule planning






Basic sewing/mending



Culinary Arts


Menu planning

Grocery shopping




Child care and development

First aid

Remedies, herbs, and medicines

Working with a healthcare system

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Check out the Boy Scouts' merit badge books on various topics. You can buy them at that website or any local scout shop without being a member of the BSA, and the whole set is often found at libraries. They are geared for 6th grade and up, include plenty of background information and instructions, have great project ideas, and would work well for any gender. They're called pamphlets on that site, but the ones I own have over 90 pages.

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