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  1. Has anyone recently ordered from Beginnings Publishing..? I would like to order their chemistry items.. however I see that their webpage is from 2008 without updates...and I am wondering... are they still a legitimate business..? I don't want to toss $300 plus down the drain if they are no longer up and running and filling orders in a timely manner.. thanks!
  2. We just discovered this series and I noticed that the last update on their lower elementary program was made in 2012 and that there are just the two books (rainbow and spectrum) what happened? Did the author decide not to continue the series for physics and biology? thanks
  3. I don't think it is required per se.. but don't colleges want to see it? I'm not sure if a 2 year State school (SUNY) cares.. I need to look at that.. He wants to go into Networking/Computers.. his dad is in this field.. and has a Comp Sci/Business degree... and didn't take Bio, Chem or Phys in college (he took Comp Sci classes).. When you say "Lighter Physics and Chem" were they specifically that or did you modify courses? Has anyone looked at or used PAC sciences?
  4. SO, I sat him down and had him explain to me what is the issue here.. and he said He likes science but just not the depth that the program is getting into. He likes reading about cells etc,, but when it spends page after page on the nitty gritty on each step of Mitosis and then asks him to see and label each part.. when he says he can't understand the vocabulary... I shudder to to think what chemistry is going to be like....
  5. I agree.. he needs to know basic biology.. how cells function.. etc.. but the depth in which every bio curriculum is going into is just too deep... or maybe I just need to eliminate the labs, have him watch videos etc to see the concepts and not worry about memorizing the vocab..??
  6. He dislikes the rote memorization.. I think that is huge.. He much prefers to read about things and discuss them...and is finding that the chapters filled with lots of scientific jargon confusing and intimidating.. Today, for example.. when the text and lab were discussing Meiosis and Mitosis.. he got lost in all the terms... after I finally had him stop and we found a You Tube video on the concept.. that could explain it and also show it with beads.. he said it was a bit easier to understand.. He liked last year's Envi Science.. but I think any good feelings about that are being erased with his negative feelings this year towards Biology
  7. My son is an average student.. He is in the 10th grade this year and things are going well with what we have chosen.. except for science. We are doing Biology this year and he HATES it.. and that might not even be a strong enough word to convey the depth of the loathing he has for it.. We are using Elemental Science HS Bio with the CK12 text and the Online Lab option... We tried Oak Meadow self paced BIO over teh summer.. and he hated that too.. I've looked at PS textbooks for Bio (he is doing reading from Modern Biology to supplement his CK12 text) and while that is "OK" he says.. it is still not his favorite thing.. Last year we did Oak Meadow Environmental Science , self paced, and he enjoyed that.. I am at a loss as to what to do.. keep plodding along with what we are doing or change things? He is NOT a science kid.. and wont' be going into those types of fields.. Right now he is looking at Computer Technology/Network Systems as a possible career field.. just like his dad.. And he likes those types of things.. he likes to code, build, troubleshoot etc...He' taken several Coursera and Stanford Online computer courses and liked them.. Right now, for college, he will most likely attend a 2 year state school and then transfer... We spent 4 hours today trying to figure out the Cell Division lab (one issue is that we are never sure what it is supposed to do to compare what we have done...)and trying to understand the levels of division and stages of division on onion and white fish cells.. At the end of his rope, he tearfully demanded to know when this would even be useful to him..? and I could not say that it ever would.. I was an HONORS high school student that graduated second in my class and I can only recall the horror frog dissection instilled in me from science.. I cannot tell you one other thing from any of the 4 years of science i took in High School...and I ended up getting my master's degree in education....and I've not had to use any of HS science in the depth that this is pushing.. that I can think of.. Is there a science curriculum for the science hating kid that would fulfill HS transcript requirements..? (we are in NY)..Something that gets the points across without beating a dead horse....? Does anything like that exist? We've been plodding along for 9 weeks now and he is diligently taking notes, trying hard, trying to do the labs.. and he cannot tell me anything that he's learned.. and that makes me sad.. I want him to get something from this.. instead of just convincing himself he hates science and isn't good at it.. I am not a fan of Apologia, BJU etc....and would prefer a secular program....although a nicely done christian program would be fine as long as the science is sound...
  8. I was wondering if anyone has used BookShark grade 4 Condensed American History.. I THINK it is similar in many ways to Sonlight D+E combined American History sans the religious aspects. We have used BookShark for two years now... and it works very well for us.. however this is my first foray into a condensed year.. my fourth grader would have been in their Year 1 American History but it was moving too slowly for him and he is MUCH happier with the condensed version... However, they do not offer a corresponding LA condensed.. they only offer a regular grade 4 LA that seems to correspond to their regular year 2 American History program.. This is problematic because it has my son reading readers and then the LA guide says "refer to the history guide for comprehension questions.." however in the history guide, that book is NOT scheduled at that time.. if it is scheduled it is for a different week entirely... If I just follow the reader guide for history, some of the LA assignments make no sense.. such as a writing assignment that uses the book The Great Horn Spoon.. if he goes by the history program.. it isn't assigned when it is in the LA program and he would not have read it yet.. however if he reads it as assigned in the LA program.. there are no questions... I am considering purchasing the Sonlight D/E LA and seeing if that would work... but I am really not sure if they would align at all either.. help!
  9. I am considering getting MCT grammar/la I have a 2nd, 5th and 8th grader with very little formal grammar instruction.. should I start at level 1 for all 3?
  10. Hello I am seriously considering Sonlight this year. We already use their suggestions for Science and Math.. so I am looking at the Core programs.. For those who have used it with multiple kids.. I have a second grader (advanced reader) and a 4th/5th grader (ages 7 and 9).. I was wondering if I could use Core B World History.. using the Grade 3 readers for the 7 year old and the Grade 4/5 readers for the 9 Year old... Would the Core Guide reflect both the reader choices? Would I have to buy 2 cores or just add a reader pack? Are there student pages to get an additional set for Would it be too easy for the 9 year old? We've done a lot of American History but very little World History.. Otherwise I was considering putting the 9 year old in Core D.. but that is Am Hist again. My 13 year old, grade 8.. is a struggling reader/writer..I was wondering if I should put him in Level F.. as it is Eastern History.. something we have not done... or Core G..? I am worried about it being too challenging...given his writing struggles....I was also looking at Core W... ??? I want to make sure I can hit the High School history courses over time...given he is in 8th....Not all their History Courses.. obviously.. as they offer several options for each level.... Please help me..
  11. We have Apologia General Science for grade 8.. just started it.. So far it seems ok.. the labs seem... meh.... My cousin's Co Op uses BJU science (her child is in grade 6) and she raves about it.. How does BJU Earth Science grade 8 (4th ed) compare with Apologia?? I am considering switching...is BJU a strong program for grade 8-12? AND.. How does BJU science for grade 5 compare to the Apologia Chemistry/Physics.. I'm really not happy with the experiments etc in this book thanks
  12. I have a second grader who is going to start STOW 1 this year with his older sister. The notebooking pages I found at homeschoolshare are all for upper elementary.. I need something that has wider lines, less lines and maybe more boxes for drawing.. as he is a struggling writer.. We will summarize orally and I'll transcribe as needed.. but we are trying to shift away from this to a more independent model.. Ideas? Resources?
  13. Yes.. He had IQ testing and scores of other tests.. 2 weeks worth in fact... He doesn't seem to be dyslexic...and in fact has no issues with reading things like science texts.. it seems that novels just confound him.. unless he listens to them.. He says there is too much detail..
  14. We are new to the Apologia science program.. and using the Elementary Chemistry/Physics and also the 8th grade Physical Science.. I got the notebooks for each book.. Where are the suggested answers? I see answers for the On Your Own questions in the textbook but what about the suggested answers for the narration pages etc?
  15. We have had extensive evaluations in the past but I think most were neurological etc in approach.. trying to understand his quirks etc.. Is there a specific specialist that can look for a visual LD?
  16. My oldest boy, age 13, has always been a many layered puzzle...we pulled him from school in 2nd grade and it has been both a joy and frustration to teach him at home... He struggles with dysgraphia among other things.. some ASD there,, some ADHD too.. We dont' medicate (long and complicated story but has to do with his metabolism and meds).. There is the background in short and sweet form.. he LOVES to listen to audio books.. he devours them! He can retell and discuss what he's listened to as well.. Writing down answers to comprehension questions is often a HUGE struggle.. and he is quite behind grade level on this.. sometimes typing is easier for him.. sometimes not. He'd prefer to do it all orally... I'm really finding this year that having him read chapters.. then answer questions is a huge stumbling block.. He says that when he reads (not listens) the book.. all the details get jumbled and he cannot understand what is being said or trying to be conveyed.. Case in point.. He is reading Around the World in 80 Days and using a VP guide (which is grade level 6..he is in grade 8).. and it is a HUGE struggle.. often we have to re read the chapters together.. me reading out loud and pausing to discuss key points. I've tried to have him review the questions prior to reading.. so he knows what to key in on.. but that hasn't seemed to help... When he hears the book. he gets it.. when he reads the book.. he's lost.. WHAT is going on exactly...? Does he need more read aloud practice (he hates this).. Would having him listen to audio book chapters, then reading the chapters, then answering the questions be the way to go? Just go audio and then answer the questions? Audio and Orally answer questions?? Part of me says this struggle is making it too hard for him to focus in on the meaning of what he is reading.. and that audio may be the way to go.. the other part of me says.. can't do all of life audio.. what about when he HAS to read..?? This year I had wanted to cover: Around the World in 80 Days The Bronze Bow Swiss Family Robinson The Hobbit Wrinkle in Time Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? thanks
  17. So.. One account and I can have multiple kids at multiple levels with multiple lists?? or no?
  18. Ok.. I should look into the paid subscription.. do I need 1 for each kid or is it 1 for the family?
  19. Spelling.. sigh... it seems to just fall by the wayside no matter how hard I try.. We've tried: Spelling Workout Various "public school" spelling workbooks Soaring with Spelling Sequential Spelling Rod and Staff and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.. the issue is the monotony... My kids love online or computer based stuff.. and I like that I can get them set up.. and then help one of the other ones... Lots of juggling going on here.. Is there a nice, not too $$ spelling that is online? Spelling City.. we've tried it.. but the games are odd.. Like Hang Mouse.. they don't even get a list to refer to.. and the activity is frustrating even for the older kiddos..I really want a spelling program that can be self paced, on the computer or online, that will keep track of progress etc...
  20. I'm trying to find out how the My Pals are Here science differs between their International Edition and their Primary edition.. For example.. how does International 4A and B compare to Primary 3/4? Anyone know? thanks
  21. Off the top of my head.. Crucibles, burner, graduated cylinders, beakers, light sensor and computer program, spring scale, tall metal poles with a stand and clasps to hold things... Some things are easy to get.. like a variety of magnets..but other things are quite specific.. and I cannot afford to buy even all of just the basic equipment they assume one has access to in a science lab..so I've had to redo all the experiments..
  22. Yeah.. I am thinking that will be my focus over the next few weeks.. rewrite the whole thing.. Not using it is not an option, I'm afraid...
  23. I volunteered to teach a science class at our Co Op.. the person who taught the course prior could not this year. It is for 8-12 year olds and the books are Singapore Science My Pals are Here 4B international version. ( I did not choose the curriculum) I got the teacher book, student book and workbook today.. and I'm really worried now.. The program looks great but the specialized science equipment for many of the lessons will be impossible for me to afford.. Has anyone used this and subbed out more affordable options for experiments? What resources did you use? I will take most of the next few weeks and start redoing those chapters.. but ugh.. This does not seem homeschool friendly!
  24. I have now seen a "State Specific" Harcourt Horizons and I would not suggest it... The "state specific" regular Harcourt history is fine.. we have several for different states.. OK, FL, CA.. and really there is no difference between them and the non state specific versions.. The one "state specific" harcourt horizons book we had was ONLY about that State.. and thus not helpful to us at all... I haven't yet seen a non state specific one to compare
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