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iPad apps to learn states & capitals, Canadian provinces & capitals?

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We have looked for such an app and not found one. Stack... doesn't do the job. We got a few apps from iLearn (iLearn US States); in the iLearn World, Moldova is spelled Moldovia. Huh? So I would unrecommend that.


So we have gone back to the computer and Sheppard Software, which really does the job superbly. I may also pull up some Quizlet list for extra drill, if needed.


I'd love to hear too, if there are any great iPad apps.

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You said you weren't crazy about stack the states, but the bonus capital drop game on it helped my kids. Maybe you've tried that, but if not its worth a shot.


Oh, I don't think dc have found that -- I'll ask them to look for it. I shouldn't say I'm not crazy about STS, just that I think you can learn more from Sheppard Software.

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