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syncing SOTW1/HO with SWB's History of Ancient World?


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Before I end up re-inventing the wheel, has anyone ever synced SOTW Ancients with Susan Wise Bauer's History of the Ancient World? We're using History Odyssey Levels 1 & 2 Ancients with SOTW, CHOW & Story of Mankind to cover the various levels/abilities/interests in our house. Plus, I own a copy of History of the Ancient World for myself. My eldest DD, in particular, has a habit of asking questions that cause me to need to go research adult level materials to find her answers. So I thought I might read History of the Ancient World alongside their studies, hoping that might help me give her a little bit more depth here and there where she needs it.


Long story short, has anyone seen an outline for coordinating SOTW and History of the Ancient World anywhere? Or made one they'd be willing to share with me?

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For our unit on Ancient Greece, I've been using HoAW myself (since I've never studied Ancient Greece) while my younger daughter uses SoTW and my older daughter uses OUP's Ancient Greek World. It's worked really well for us. I don't have a big outline to share, but it is usually simple to find the corresponding sections by just looking at the chapter headings in the table of contents.


ETA: For example:


HoAW Chap 24. King Minos of Crete

SoTW Chap 18 Life in Early Crete


HoAW Chap 31 The Mycenaeans of Greece

SoTW Chap 19 (first part) The Mycenaeans


HoAW Chap 35 The Battle of Troy

No corresponding chapter in SoTW


HoAW Chap 40 The Dark Age of Greece

SoTW Chap 19 (second part) The Greek Dark Ages



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