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Does *anyone* has VP cards coordinated w/SOTW 2 or a list of VP MiddleAge topics? (m)


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I'm feeling desperate!!!


Does anyone have the coordination typed between SOTW 2 and VP Middle Ages cards?


What about a list of VP Middle Age card titles typed? Card number and title?


I've got all the materials but it will save me so much time if someone would share this if they've done it already. I'm getting antsy trying to get all this done on time.


If you would rather not post it publicly, please PM me.






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I deeply thank you!


With the pressure of school beginning ever too soon and the loose ends still left to tie (I've got to now schedule in literature), I'm in a working frenzy.


Besides all this, I'm coordinating the three History Lives (Withrow) volumes in also.


I don't think it will get done. At least on time.

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