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Master Bedroom closet organizer ??


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My CHristmas present from my hubby is to have a custom closet organzier built. THe carpenter who did our kitchen and bathrooms is going to build it. We don't have a walk - in closet, just the regular kind with bi fold doors that don't open all the way to the edges of the closet.


They have been planning this for a month or so and have a rough drawing. It shows double bars on both side with a bank of shelves and drawers down the middle. I do have some dressed, but I have a extra closet they are in most of the time, so I am not necessarily planning the closet around those.


Any one have some inspiration for me? I am really not coming up with anything more interesting than they did.

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I want some drawers for socks/stockings. maybe even shelf space to put my jewelry box. there are valet rods that pull out you can hang your clothes on instead of having to throw them on your bed. shoe racks - basically slanted shelves. I want nothing on the floor (with my dh - that is nothing more than a dream) as I want to be able to just vacuum up all the dirt.


You could also have some lights installed on the inside above the doors so you have better lighting to see the clothes you pick out.

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