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See, it's not just the four year olds that figure out the swear words are the funniest


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Foul Mouthed Bird Banned to Solitary Confinement.




It started out innocently enough.


In an apparent attempt to cash in on the human weakness for talking birds, the Jiufeng Mountain Forest Zoo in the central Chinese city of Wuhan imported eight myna birds from Vietnam back in 2010. The birds, indigenous to South and Southeast Asia, are known for their vocal prowess in mimicking human speech and song.




The “Chinese Faction†would greet visitors with “Ni Hao†or “Hello,†followed immediately with a “Gong Xi Fa Cai,†a traditional Chinese New Year blessing wishing one prosperity. They were also known to serenade visitors with the Chinese folk song â€Oh Little Swallow, Wear Your Floral Dress.â€


The mynas chirped the welcoming greetings without incident for two years. But little did the Faction know that there was a rebel among them.


The mynas’ caretaker, Li Yun, did a double take recently when one of the birds instructed a group of visitors to perform an aggressive sexual act on their mothers.


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