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Course descriptions, is it permissible to use the course description

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The only reason I could see not to copy directly is copyright law and I'm not sure if a short description would be covered. And like a recipe, an accurate description of what your daughter did couldn't be directly copyrighted just the exact phraseology.


I'd probably suggest putting the online classes exact description and attributing to them that will help the college know who it was that gave the course.

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Absolutely! It is the course taken at this school, and the school describes the course in its course description - so I would cite the course description from the school's catalog verbatim and attribute it to the school.

It would make no sense to me to write my own description for a course taken elsewhere when that institution provides a description.

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of a class your child is taking? For example, DD is taking a few virtual classes. I know in general, you cannot copy course descriptions but since she's actually enrolled can I use the school's course description?


Yes, you should use the course description. Copy it exactly as written. That's the point of the description; it conveys information about the course to others who may not be familiar with the scope and sequence. Schools take the time to write those up so other educators can read them.


Copy it, and use it. That's what it's there for.





Enjoy your little people

Enjoy your journey

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