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Book suggestions: 11yo DD; 9yo DD

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I would appreciate your thoughts on two good books/each to get for my DDs for Christmas. One will be from "Santa" (yes, they both say they still believe), and one from us, so they shouldn't "go together".


DD#1, 11yo, much prefers encyclopedia-type books to chapter books. Currently, her favorite is National Geographic's Weird but True, and she has actually learned quite a bit by following rabbit trails from it :hurray: I am interested in another book with lots of interesting facts, but also a chapter book - maybe the start of a series??? She would have no preference if the main character was a boy or a girl. Ideas?


DD#2, almost 9yo, really has no preference, but happily reads chapter books. Right now she is reading the Grandma's Attic series and loves it. DD#2 would prefer a main character that is a girl - the start of a series might be good for her as well.



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The series 39 clues to comes to mind when I think of a series with a lot of facts. The series has a sister/brother and their nanny that travel the globe unravelling clues. I loved the fact that the book about music had them travel to Beethovens home country and gave a lot of information about his life. It is a book series that your girls could swap out also. The sister is 12 and her brother is 10? so both characters are around your girls ages.


Another series my 11 yr old has enjoyed is The sisters grim. It is about two sisters that are taken in by their grandmother after their parnets disappear. They find out there are part of a family that works to record the events of everafters....or fairy tale characters that actually exist. I too enjoyed the authors twisting together or all fairy tale and traditional fictional stories. ( it is not related to Grimm the TV sereis at all. )


My 11 yr old was just given the book dragonspell by her older brother to read. She is enjoying the start of this series also. It is about a girl that raises dragons. There are several in the series and it is a fun read for kids.


My oldest son loves to read facts over fiction...He really enjoyed all the Ripley's believe it or not series. Another book I found on his shelf is titles Cool STuff and how it works...its from DK books.It tells how matches, lightbulbs, watches and ipod and many more work.

Hopefully you will get many more ideas to choose from. There are just so many good books out there for kids these days. I know Ifind most of my reading time to be centered on reading to keep an idea of what my olders are reading.

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The series 39 clues...

Another series my 11 yr old has enjoyed is The sisters grim...

My 11 yr old was just given the book dragonspell by her older brother to read.


TY so much! They all sound great. I am going to look them up on Amazon this evening!

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I hope you find some that work for your girls. My DD (just turned 11) has never been a big reader but she became interested in the sisters grimm series and read them all this summer. She just started the Dragonspell book 2 days ago and has finished 146 pages so far. I am so happy she has found something she enjoys reading. I have read the books I recommended and found them to be enjoyable as well.


Another sereis is the 7sleeper series by Gilbert Morris. He is a Christain author and that series is a lot of fun...more fantasy fiction which keeps you guessing. My husband and I read and bought them before we had kids...they are so good.


The Rangers Apprentice series is a great read a loud book series. The Maximum Ride series is also good but you might want to give it a year for them to get older....not that the content is older just some of the char are older and once my kids started getting older they did not want to read about characters that were younger then they are.


Merry Christmas to your family

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