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Filling in the gaps - spelling


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Somewhere along the way my kids have not picked up on spelling rules such as:

1. Change the y to i and add es

2. How to form plurals other than just add s

3. double the last consonant of cvc words before adding ed or ing


What can I get for us to go back and pick up these skills?


And, how do I avoid this in the future? How did we miss these skills even though we have used regular spelling programs? Is that not where they should be taught? We have changed curriculums over the years, so maybe somewhere in there things were taught at different levels and we just missed it.


Thanks so much!

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I noticed the same problem with Spelling Plus. The rules ARE in there, but there isn't a huge emphasis on it. My plan this year is to choose my spot and make up my own lists and go through it. Next year, I'm likely going with R&S. I picked up a sixth grade teacher's book at our used book store just to browse and I like what I see.


But WendyK is right. Plurals, verb changes are really grammar skills that happen to involve spelling. I'm finding that Latin is really, really making a good forum for me to talk about the changes in endings and why spelling is important, but that's by the by.

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