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Teaching Textbooks Do I need the book too?

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I am ready to purchase Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 for my DS and I am wondering if the cds are enough with the new self grading or do I really need to purchase the book also? Since they offer both options I am unsure of what to purchase. I am on a tight budget and just wanted to get others opinions.




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If you want to be able to look ahead and see what types of problems he's doing, get it. I got it with the pre-algebra and referred to it a couple times just for that. I got it for the algebra 1 as well, haven't used it yet. I just wanted it around in case I wanted to compare to other stuff we're doing, math in her science labs, etc. But no you won't HAVE to have it.

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If you have the book, you have more options. I know several people who use TT without the CD because their dc understand it well without the video and prefer not to waste time. I also know people with impulsive dc who like the video instruction but won't use the self-grading option for homework because their dc input answers before really thinking through the problems first. They have their dc do the work straight from the book, then check it the usual way. Also, as the PP mentioned, you can look at the book to figure out what is coming up or what has been covered.

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