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Finally accomplished summer goal for afterschooling

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My goal at the start of summer was to have my son finish All About Spelling 1 before entering public school kindergarten in August. I felt like it was a race against time before his teacher started encouraging "invented spelling". This morning he finished the last step. We went on vacation and didn't end up doing any spelling and then when school started in August it took a while to adjust to his new schedule. I am pleased that we are back on track at least with spelling. I feel like it is just in time. Yesterday I volunteered in his classroom. When I was cleaning up the science center activity I oversaw, I heard his teacher tell all the students that it was ok to only use some letters to spell a word. So if they wanted to spell "sun" they could just put "sn", or "sop" for "soap". Then she had them go to their desks to copy the letter s and try to write some words that started with s.


I know we can't be the only ones who are still finishing up work that you were hoping to finish by the end of summer. Any one else have updates?

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We still haven't finish the amount of Singapore Essential B that I thought we would finish this summer. We did more of Miquon and other math stuff so maybe it is a wash. I just don't like looking at the book and seeing that we are not where I thought we would be, but it is not a race.

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