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Teaching Grammar for the "grammar impaired" help

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My kids are using GWG and BJU English.. the pairing works very well for them..I align the GWG to provide quick, extra practice to go with the BJU focus..


I am the one having problems... :tongue_smilie: ODS asked me to remind him with a Direct Object was.. I drew a blank.. so this then entailed looking it up in various places..


Or one of them is struggling with prepositional phrases.. and I have NO idea how to help make it clearer.. because I don't understand it myself....even after several examples from a few different places (workbook, online etc)


So.. is there a quick reference guide I can buy.. that when one of them says "Mom, help me find the predicate nominative"


I can do that...


or quickly look up what a preposition is..


I really did do well in school.. but I don't remember this at all!

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I would recommend Shurley English. The WTM recommends it if you need help on "how" to teach English. It has worked very well for my kids and me. You can easily start below level and then skip levels to catch up. We skipped every other level.


Oh, and it's scripted, so you don't have to know it before you teach it.

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