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Any recommendations for a silk screen printing kit?

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We have several Speedball kits, and they have met our needs. We've made quite a few t-shirt runs over the years, usually using the method where you cut the vinyl and adhere it to the screen, which seems the easiest to me. You do need to do some mirror-image thinking, but we've been very happy with the results. We did 20 or so for Easter recently, and the family loved them.

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No specific kit. I got one years ago at a going-out-of-business sale, and picked up another at a thrift shop. I buy new ink and new vinyl now and again, though the ink seems to have a long shelf life. I think the kit varies based on which screen blocking method you use. I've even done a small run of greeting cards using the newspaper stencil method. You can't use thick paper to make a stencil; it has to be very thin, and ideally not porous - that's why the vinyl works well (and the newspaper only lasts for a few passes). My niece has done the screen blocking fluid, which has worked well for her. We sometimes use a credit card as a last-pass squeegie, around tricky bits, when doing t-shirts - just once or you get too much ink. Also, the first shirt usually doesn't work as well - kinda like the first pancake - so do it on a "scrap" shirt so you don't waste a good one. Have everything set up and ready to go. You'll also need cardboard for inside the shirt, so it doesn't leak to the back. It takes some practice but once you've got the idea you can produce quality shirts. We've done several runs of family-oriented shirts for cousins; they love to have their graphic tee's that all match, with logos that have "insider" references to family memories.

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