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Remote/Radio control cars

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I want one. They range in price from about $10 to a few $100 dollars. I'm not going to pay a high price for something I just want to mess around with. IF I love it, I will ask for a better one for Christmas.


Does it matter which one I start with? I think I understand sizing. A 1:10 is bigger than a 1:24, right? I wanted to spend < $30. Would I end up with something that is going to fall apart the first time it bumps into something because of my bad control? :)


I really want a mini-cooper or a mustang.

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My boys bought theirs last year on "Black Friday" sale. We bought from ToysRUs and Bed Bath and Beyond. The Bed Bath and Beyond one died after they played for four hours straight. The TRU one was not to their liking after a few minutes of testing so we returned to the store.


We still have those for 3 year old kind that has one button only for remote control. Those are much harder to control.


Buy a few different models and keep the one you want. It's hard to tell in the box which is easier to control.

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