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Email Providers - your favorites?

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Looking around for a new email provider, when our current one is cut shortly, it's gone. Any recommendations for a new email host? One that wouldn't keep you awake at night worrying if you did financial stuff on it?


I've had a problem with yahoo demanding a phone number to get into an account, all of the sudden. I do not want to give my phone number to yahoo. Account is locked. Disposable phone..here I come, if I can find one.


I've read that even when you pony up the personal information to be data-mined all over the universe, that others still can't get into their accounts.


What emails do NOT ever ask for a phone number or personal information? That's the one for me. I do worry that they are all going to more invasive measures though, on the pretext of "protecting" us (ha..as if giving out my phone number on the internet has anything to do with protecting ME).


I do still have an msn one, but it is paid, from back when I had dial-up.

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