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Best of the Best Engineering Toys/Curriculum


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Just wanted to say, we lovelovelove haba! The musical stairs as well as the cascade. The drum and the ringing track are also pretty cool. DS is nearly 10 and still loves them :).


I almost got the ringing track, but I was at my budget so I had to stop. I also wanted to get this, instead of the curvy track, but they sold out for prime shipping right before I placed my order. I just didn't want the angst that a third party seller wouldn't get it here in time.

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I bought Mindware Keva Contractions and structures for Christmas, so don't know yet how popular they'll be.


Legos is a huge hit. We like the smaller Knex rather than the older, bigger Knex pieces, but you can use them together if you buy kids with connector pieces. You can use smaller knex pieces with legos.


A small fun kit (book and legos) is: Lego Crazy Action Contraptions by Klutz http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/159174251X/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i01

Right now it seems priced high.


Another inexpensive book/supplies combination is: Battery Science


Zoomtool is fun but not for little kids. Is made in USA.


Haba track sounds wonderful - thanks for the suggestion!

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