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  1. I agree 100% with Lori D--that kit seems pricey to me. You can get a lot of rock kits for $119. Other cool rock things (with a much smaller price tag)!: for $25 at amazon: ROCK ON! Geology Game & Gem Collection http://www.amazon.com/ROCK-Geology-Game-Rock-Collection/dp/B007R6E8SK/ It contains 18 rocks (cool colorful rocks), cards with a picture and description of each rock, a bunch of small polished stones, and a "rock bingo" game (bingo cards with pictures of rocks) and a case to store the whole thing in. Ellen Mchenry has some free earth science stuff- including a
  2. Did anyone try to get them to stop using the worksheets-- to stop requiring reading from student? Did anyone ask them to try to be more 'immersion' style? thanks for any further info!
  3. Are you well stocked or bare shelves? Neither. Human.
  4. Books that you can't put down After that first trip to the emergency room to get the book surgically removed, I started to wear gloves while reading.
  5. There are tons of videos on youtube to get ideas for practices/drills. Practice hitting off a tee--even advanced players still practice off a Tee (wish I'd figure that out sooner) Get a bucket of balls so he can hit a bunch of balls off the tee in a row and then he can go collect them all at once. Easy practice (for a non-baseball playing adult to do) is to roll "ground balls" to him so he can learn how to field these. Start easy-- roll them straight to him. Then get the rolls faster/harder and not straight to him. If you don't know how to catch and throw, learn with him! I
  6. .... Unsocialized [homeschoolers] .......
  7. I need to start using that red pen. I'm one of those people who always have too much food. Now I have too much curriculum, er, the right amount of curriculum for me to look at to educate myself-- but too much curriculum to use it all with the kids. Really helpful thread. Love 8FillTheHeart's focus on goals. I have a goal of stretching/challenging/developing DS's (3rd grade) mind. I recently read an email from Sal Khan with the following : "Researchers have known for some time that the brain is like a muscle; that the more you use it, the more it grows. They've found that neur
  8. If you've solved the Legos everywhere problem... How about tackling cancer or world hunger next?
  9. Have any flea advice? flee while the house is being fumigated
  10. Dads at playdate is a lot better than kids at dad-and-mom-dates
  11. "Your opinion--babies in checkout lanes" I'm shocked the store has them shelved there right with the candy and magazines.
  12. I don't think paying off a mortgage will hurt your credit rating. If you need to have more items on your report, get another credit card and use it and pay it completely off monthly. Also, IMHO, at some point it is better to actually be financial sound rather than to "look" a certain way on your credit report. If you belong to a credit union, someone there might be able to explain the factors that go into creating/keeping a good credit rating. I'm pretty sure that having credit cards improves your credit rating -- but I would never ever ever ever pay interest on a credit card (and that
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